My name is Dorothy Hernandez and I’m a journalist by day and food entrepreneur by night. When I am not writing stories or deleting dangling modifiers, you can usually find me in a kitchen working on recipes or doing pop-up dinners as the co-owner of Sarap, a Filipino pop-up restaurant.

My love of food goes way back to learning how to cook with my mom and then later when I joined AmeriCorps. For three years I worked as a nutrition educator and this experience helped shape my expertise of the intersection of food and social justice. At this point in my career I want to combine my two passions into a role that establishes me as a leading food journalist — or the next Anthony Bourdain, whichever comes first.

I have more than 10 years’ experience writing and editing for digital and print, including The Detroit News and the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye. I am also a freelance writer and media consultant.

Things I love

Food: Cooking and trying out new restaurants

Binge watching shows

Wine: A trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley intensified my appreciation for it, but I’m pretty clueless about the technical aspect of tasting. Basically if it’s not Three-Buck Chuck, I will drink it.

Red pens

Lip balm



Anything by Joss Whedon — Seriously, I will watch a Justin Bieber music video if he’s the one behind the camera.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. Feel free to contact me about freelance opportunities or if you just want to talk about food (in case you haven’t noticed, I like food. A lot!).